Building Leadership & Solid Foundations

Dress Code

Since the school uniform symbolizes the high standards to which Sacred Heart School adheres, the uniform is to be kept clean and tidy and should be worn at the proper lengths and size.  Regardless of current trends in fashion and design, girl’s uniform jumper hems should be to the knee or below and short hems should be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Students are not permitted to wear over-sized or under-sized clothing.  Pants must be worn to the waist at all times. The uniform shirt for boys must be tucked in at all times. Click link below to view and print more details on Uniform Policy.

Monday – Thursday                                                            

Boys and Girls can wear navy blue shorts (August-November) and/or navy blue pants (Dec-May)


3K-5th Grade Boyswear red button-down shirt   


3K & 4K Girls wear a white Peter Pan blouse with red tie.

Friday Mass: All Students are to wear the following:

3K & 4K Girls

Solid navy blue jumper with white button-down shirt or 
optional plaid jumper with white button-down shirt
Solid white knee socks or white tights
Solid black shoes
(No flashing lights or décor on shoes)

5K-5th Grade Girls

Plaid Jumper (shorts underneath)

White Peter Pan blouse
Red tie 
Solid white socks (No lace or décor)  
Solid black shoes
(No flashing lights or décor on shoes)
*Additional options-
Plaid skirt 
White sailor collared shirt 
Plaid tie

3K & 4K Boys

Solid navy blue pants (elastic if needed)
White button-down shirt 
Solid white socks
Solid black shoes 
(No flashing lights or décor on shoes)

5K-5th Grade Boys

Solid navy blue pants
White button-down shirt
Solid white socks
Solid black shoes
(No flashing lights or décor on shoes)
Solid black belt with simple buckle    

Tie (see picture)

*Uniforms may be purchased from Parker Uniform (web ID: SA093828), Academy, Target, etc.
*Girls’ plaid skirts, jumpers, sailor shirt and ties must be purchased at Parker Uniform in San Antonio, Texas