- Serving Christian Families of Wilson County since 1933 -


2021-2022 Faculty & Staff

We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, we expect and encourage parent interest and involvement in all activities concerning the growth and development of their children. Faculty and Staff serve as partners with parents whose teachings and formation are in harmony with Catholic doctrine.

Pastor - Father Kris Bytomski
Principal - Mr. Benny Villanueva
Counselor - Doris Adames
Administrative Secretary - Teresa Bonham

3K - Shannon Berg
4K - Gabriella Contreras & Jestine Flores
5K - Yolanda Zamora 
1st - Dawn Lucas
2nd - Amy Cardona
3rd - Andrea Aguilera

3K Instructional Aide - Brenda King 
Kinder Instructional Aide: Wendy Hudler 

PE - Janet Berg

Art-Wendy Hudler
Activities Coordinator - Julie Andrews

After School Care - Right At School

Catering Service - Tate's Place
Maintenance - Ascencion Pardo