Service Credits

Families need to earn 15 service credits in the fall and 15 in the spring. Service credits will include setup, working a booth, cooking, or cleanup.

You can earn:

  • 1 service credit for every $25 spent on any item(s) or any donation to fundraisers
  • 1 service credit for each hour worked (all fundraisers)

Parent - Teacher Club

The PTC's main objective is to "Foster a closer union between home and the school; 
between parents and the teacher, and thus to promote the best for our pupils attending SHS". 
Members may be elected and / or appointed. Parents are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and teachers are available.

The purpose of the PTC is to coordinate programs to enhance Catholic Education in the homes and school at Sacred Heart School by the following means:

To promote the welfare of Sacred Heart School by strengthening the relationship between the home and school;
To promote parental rights in education by providing and coordinating legislative action on behalf of Sacred Heart School;
To provide educational programs for parents;
To serve as a conduit of information to the public at large regarding Sacred Heart School; and
To be a resource for fundraising opportunities.

Patty Zamora, President    


- Serving Christian Families of Wilson County since 1933 -

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